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Art Gallery

The neoclassical-style gallery in the dignified building highlights every painting exhibited here.
During the art exhibition, works by rising stars in the art world and already famous artists have graced the walls of the Teachers’ House.

The gallery is located on the second floor of the Teachers’ House and is open to all art lovers for free!

Mon–Fri 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
*Sat–Sun and at other times based on the events taking place in the building.


If you have any questions, please contact us and we will gladly provide advice:




Come visit an exhibition or organise your own solo exhibition in our art gallery!


History of the gallery

We started operating under the Tallinn Teachers’ House Gallery name on 1 October 2002. The gallery was first called the Tokko & Arraku Gallery and then the Raatuse Gallery.
The artists who have exhibited their works at the gallery include: Tiina Tammetalu, Airi Luik, Ilmar Kruusamäe, Orest Kormašov, Lilian Mosolainen, Renee Aua, Silvi Lepparu, Vilja Promet, Esti Kittus, Ülle Linnuste, Krista Perli, Vivian Vaher, Helga Voog, Laura Koržets, Tiiu Esnar, Oivi Tulve, Aapo Pukk, Tiiu Übi, Ülo Sarapuu, Avo Paistik, Siima Škop, Lev Vassiljev; and young artists Grete Ulman, Mirjam Mölder-Mikfelt and Aleksei Šatunov, Aleksander Lefbard, Dmytro Dobrovolsky; as well as students and faculty members from Mainor School; members of the Estonian Painters’ Association (Enn Tegova, Juss Piho, Margus Tiitsmaa (Sorge), Albert Gulk, Kätlin Stahl, Tiina Tammetalu, Owe Büttner, Kai Kaljo, Heli Tuksam); the Estonian Leatherwork Artists’ Union; Association of Narva Artists, and many others.

Photographic art has been exhibited in our gallery by Mare Iknojan and Tunne Kelam; ceramic art by Ilona Gaidukova; and textile art by Astri Müüli, and many others.

The jubilee of the famous Latvian artist Jurgis Skulme also took place here, as did an exhibition of paintings by Filipp Kazak, a younger generation artist from St Petersburg, and many others.