Booking terms

Rental time

  • We calculate the rental period from the beginning of the room usage:
    • Room preparations • Event • Aftercare time
  • The daily price ends the event itself at night peace
  • The daily price applies for room usage up to 12 hours
  • The schedule is agreed in advance with us and also with service provider(s)
  • If the event lasts longer than 30 minutes beyond rental time, there will be an additional invoice on an hourly basis accordingly


  • The price includes rent for inventory by agreement
  • The rental price on evenings and weekends is 15% higher
  • The rental price on Estonian public holidays is 50% higher
  • As we are municipal company, tax will not be added


  • Payment is based on the invoice
  • In case of approval, please send us also invoice payer information:
    • Company and registry code or • Private person and personal identification code
  • If it is not an Estonian code, please indicate which country code it is
  • We will issue an invoice before the event depending on the payment due date
  • Generally, the payment due day is 14 days and for public sector 21 days
  • We can also submit an invoice earlier, after confirming the event
  • The invoice must be paid before the event

Unpaid invoice

  • The interest rate on late payments is 0.020% per day
  • The unpaid invoice will leave a mark on the Tallinn system for 3 years
  • In case of unpaid invoice, the next event cannot be organized in our house

Booking cancellation

  • To cancel the booking, please write an application to
  • The booking cancellation is free of charge up to two weeks before the rental date
  • In case of later cancellation, we apply 10% of the agreed fee

Good custom

  • The building is a part of UNESCO World Heritage – as the whole Old Town of Tallinn
  • We cannot allow any kind of fire arrangements, including candles or toss
  • Loose flower petals and other small elements as such are forbidden

Night peace

  • We can allow band performances and other loud noises until night peace
  • According to the city law the night peace lasts in Tallinn Teachers’ House:
    • Sunday to Thursday from 22:00-06:00 • Friday to Saturday from 00:00-07:00
  • The night peace does not apply for three days of the year:
    • Dec 31 against Jan 1 • Feb 24 against Feb25 • June 23 against June 24
  • By previous agreement, it is possible to continue the event quietly after night peace

Catering and transport

  • Our partners are happy to help you with catering service
  • You may choose other catering provider as well – everyone are welcomed
  • You may find the nearest parking spaces from here

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