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Nine attractive rooms

The Teachers’ House has nine attractive rooms in which the spirit of the neoclassical era reigns. The halls in various sizes are suitable for weddings and parties, seminars and conferences, as well as for conducting training sessions and workshops.
The jewel of the building is the large Crown Hall, the natural acoustics of which make it the perfect place to organise entertainment events.


Booking the room

You can book a room you are interested in by clicking an a specific room page „Ask an offer“:

Using inquery form gives you a better chance to write down detailed information about the event. If you need help in finding perfect room fot you event, please write


You can apply for a temporary access permit for your vehicle.


Rental terms and conditions 

We rent the rooms by the hour. An event that lasts 90 minutes is equal to two hours.

  • Educational institutions receive a 50% discount on room rentals.
  • The rental price on nights and weekends is 15% higher.
  • The rental price on state holidays is 50% higher.
  • The use of the available equipment (projector, sound equipment, lectern, laptop, piano, etc.) is free.

The booking is confirmed upon the confirmation of the price quote, and an e-invoice will be issued as the basis for payment.


Cancelling a booking

To cancel the booking, please write to Jan ( at least two weeks before the rental date that has been agreed in writing. A penalty will apply if the cancellation is made later, which is 10% of the agreed upon price.


The Town Hall Square and surrounding buildings have been at the centre of events for the last seven centuries. Host your guests in the most dignified location in the city – the historical Teachers’ House with its wonderful atmosphere.


From idea to execution

tallinna opetajate maja ruumide rentWe will help you to create an atmosphere and mood that will leave your guests with good memories.
We will fulfil all your wishes, both large and small, and plan the event down to the smallest detail.
If you would like to offer a coffee break or a special meal for your event, please contact company providing catering service.


Each of our rooms has its own story.
Find the most suitable room for your event by clicking on the photos below!

Our rooms