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During the event

  • You can always contact our house administrator: (+372) 554 8188 
  • For current issues, please contact from Mon to Fri 10:00-18:00: (+372) 554 8572 
  • When you see, that the event is going to last longer, notify house administrator priorly


(+372) 554 8188


Service manager

Do you have a question about the inventory or layout? Please call (+372) 554 8572 

Allan shows you the rooms, gives room design advice, helps to prepare the room and deals with all the current issues on the day of the event


Allan Raieste
(+372) 615 5161 | (+372) 554 8572 


Sales manager

Do you need help with choosing the proper room? Please write to

Kadri answers to your requests, helps to find the most suitable room, prepares price quotes and deals with invoicing


Kadri Kuurberg
(+372) 5850 5087


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