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Estonian language course for foreigners

Knowing some Estonian comes in handy
As a foreigner who lives in Estonia you might want to be able to say these phrases in Estonian:
1. “No thanks, I don’t eat blood sausages.”
2. “Can I keep my clothes on in sauna?”
You’ll learn all that and much more during our 24-hour Estonian language course for beginners, starting on February 19th.

Why are Estonians the way they are?
They say that
– when an Estonian sees an old friend, he quickly crosses the street to avoid contact.
– when an Estonian uses the word “normal”, he actually means “good”.

It’s funny. Because it’s true. Estonians’ habits and culture are sometimes hard to read. But you can master it.
The course Intercultural Communication in Estonia starts in April 14th at Tallinn Teacher’s House.

How do Estonians express their joy?
Apparently, Estonians think the colour combination of blue-black-and-white on their flag is cheerful!?! But their national costumes feature many more colour combinations. Some of them really are cheerful.

Learn all about it at our Estonian national costumes and patterns course, starting on March 21st.

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