Kouksundo practice for everybody

The course is conducted by Sergey Pilipenko – an apprentice of the Master Kim Ki-yong (South Korea), practicing Kuksando for 4 years and regularly attending Master’s seminars. A combination of breathing techniques and meditation provide the very essence of the art. For today there is only one place of Kouksundo course in Tallinn. Join us!… Read more »

Kalli Kalde lithography exhibition “Solar winds”

Teacher,s House gallery (13th January – 11th February) The lithography and photopolymer technique prints are inspired by first Estonia sattelite ESTCube-1 projects technical data and contrary to electronic blueprints, Estonian traditional cultural elements. The intention of the sattelite project was to set sail in solar winds starting from scratch and reinventing the bicycle with wollen… Read more »

Estonian language course for foreigners

Knowing some Estonian comes in handy As a foreigner who lives in Estonia you might want to be able to say these phrases in Estonian: 1. “No thanks, I don’t eat blood sausages.” 2. “Can I keep my clothes on in sauna?” You’ll learn all that and much more during our 24-hour Estonian language course… Read more »