Vilja Promet “My sea. My country” 10.20.2019-02.15.2021

Vilja Promet considers Estonian nature so captivating, she would paint it for an eternity. The colours in her works can be characterized as unique, dark and enigmatic.   The Artist Vilja Promet is born in Aimla, in Viljandi County. After the studies from Tääksi 8-grade School, she entered Tartu’s Art School where she was Ilmar… Read more »

Rovshan Nur “SUMMER” 09.18-10.18.2020

Rovshan Nur is an Azerbaijan artist working in Estonia. His creations are loved for their recognizable individual handwriting and style, which radiates warmth, brightness and deep peace. The artist is well known to the Tallinn audience – he has previously participated in various art exhibitions both in Estonia and across the border. Rovshan has participated… Read more »

REM 6, 11.17.2019-09.16.2020

The REM 6 is a group of friends of amateur painters consisting of six women, from whose joint painting camps in Käsmu has grown into an exhibition. Various painting techniques can be found at the exhibition. Still life, landscape and portrait are represented. As a common denominator, the works exude pasteliness, mystery, femininity, tenderness and… Read more »

Exhibition is opened from 6th April to 27th of April 2018.

Photographic exhibition “The Grip of Belt”

“The Grip of Belt” is Tiiu Heinsoo‘s and Silver Pramann`s photographic exhibition dedicated to 100 years anniversary of Estonian Republic.   National belt and human body centered exhibition gives both authors a bit narrowed room for analisys on how modern day people are seeing the interaction between the subject and the object. By taking the… Read more »