Vilja Promet “My sea. My country” 10.20.2019-02.15.2021

Vilja Promet considers Estonian nature so captivating, she would paint it for an eternity. The colours in her works can be characterized as unique, dark and enigmatic.


The Artist

Vilja Promet is born in Aimla, in Viljandi County. After the studies from Tääksi 8-grade School, she entered Tartu’s Art School where she was Ilmar Malin’s student.

As Vilja Promet was painting her final grade work on the island of Kihnu, she fell forever in love with the sea. From there on, her main motives are the sea and seaviews. She got her higher education diploma from Estonian Institute of Arts, where she studied jewellery and blacksmithing. Vilja worked many years as a freelance artist and made contractual works for „Ars-Juveel”.

She found her way back to painting almost 30 years ago and has commited to only that. Up until today, she has had more than 15 personal exhibitions. She has been a painting tutor for five yeas in Tallinn Teacher’s House. She was a memeber of Artists Association’s youth group in 1977-1983, as of 2003 she belongs to the group KVINT.


General information

Exhibition is open: 20.10.2019-15.02.2021

Visiting hours: E-R 09:00-17:30, and according to events happening

Address: Raekoja plats 14, 2nd floor

Entrance: free of charge


Phone: (+372) 5850 5087


Previous exhibitions

2019 “Minu meri. Minu maa”, Culture Centre of Türi Art Gallery

2019 “Minu meri. Minu maa”, Ajamaja Gallery, Kuressaare

2018 „…on hetked need…“, Viljandi’s City Gallery

2016 „Merevärvid“, Tallinn Teacher’s House

2015 „Koduõuest mereni…“, Viljandi’s City Gallery

2014 „Vilja Prometi maalinäitus“, Türi’s Gallery

2008 „Meremaalid“, Tallinn Teacher’s House

And many others


Selling information

Vilja Promet

Phone: (+372) 526 6266


We welcome you on the exhibition
in Tallinn Teacher’s House Gallery from October 20, 2020



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