Photographic exhibition “The Grip of Belt”

The Grip of Belt” is Tiiu Heinsoo‘s and Silver Pramann`s photographic exhibition dedicated to 100 years anniversary of Estonian Republic.

National belt and human body centered exhibition gives both authors a bit narrowed room for analisys on how modern day people are seeing the interaction between the subject and the object.

By taking the object from it,s traditional context and limiting the subjects interaction to a minimum, authors are challenging the perception of ethnic symbol in present day. Skillfully photographed dynamic body language, portrayed in series of black and white compositions, carries the story of deepest dire, suffering and struggle of the past.

Through the years traditional costumes have come to be the national symbol with it,s ritual and identity meanings, carrying the information and engaging emotions for generations to date.
Exhibition is opened from 15th february to 5th of march 2018.

Tallinn Teachers’ House 2 floor Mon 10.00 – Fri 18.00 ; Sat, Sun (for available visiting hours please call tel.+3726155161)