Kouksundo is a very old traditional Korean mind–body practice. It regulates oxidative stress profiles and stress hormones.

A combination of breathing techniques and meditation provide the very essence of the art. For today there is only one place of Kouksundo course in Tallinn.

Benefits of Kouksundo:

- Correct breathing
- Life energy management
- Sleep normalization
- Normalizes digestive functions
- Removes blocks from the body and as a result removes diseases
- Stress resistance
- Increases vitality

The course is conducted by Sergey Pilipenko - an apprentice of the Master Kim Ki-yong (South Korea), practicing Kuksando for 4 years and regularly attending Master's seminars.

Course details

Tallinn Teacher's House, Apteegi 6
From March 04th to April 22nd on Sundays from 11:00 to 13:00.
120 min 1 class per week, 8-week course
Sergey Pilipenko
85 € including VAT
Group size:
10 people
Project manager:
Olga Grishina olga@opetajatemaja.ee