Intercultural Communication in Estonia

As a result of this practical intercultural communication training the participants are aware of cultural differences between Estonia and their country of origin. Participants will obtain practical and handy tools that enable them to compare Estonian culture with the culture of their country of origin and if necessary modify their behavior in a suitable way to successfully cope with Estonians.


Trainer Veiko Värk is a licensed partner of global intercultural training company Richard Lewis Communications.

Since 2015 Veiko has created a welcoming program for foreigners settling in Estonia and delivered numerous trainings to participants from all over the world about Estonian culture and way of living (ordered by Estonian Government).

Veiko has a background of law, psychology and adult education, and currently he is acting as a professional trainer, consultant and mediator.

From 21st March: Estonian National Costume and Patterns/

Course details

Tallinn Teacher's House, Raekoja plats 14
Saturday, April 14th 2018
One-day seminar from 10:00 to 17:00.
Veiko Värk
74 €
Group size:
10-12 people
Project manager:
Jan Leo Grau +372506 5354

Course topics

In case of communication between the representatives of different cultures cultural differences may significantly influence the outcome of the communication. That is why participants will obtain practical basic knowledge about what should be taken into consideration when communicating with the representatives of different cultures than their own – Estonians – and what is especially characteristic to typical Estonians.

Intercultural differences will be handled through Richard D. Lewis model – triangle that divides world´s cultures into three parts: Linear-Actives (for example Germany), Multi-Actives (for example Brazil) and Re-Actives (for example China) – and where could Estonia be in this model.

In addition cultural differences will be considered through the cultural dimensions of Geert Hofstede: Power Distance, Individualism, Masculinity, Uncertainty Avoidance, Long Term Orientation and Indulgence – comparing Estonia with other cultures.

Participants will get a good understanding of the most important cultural differences of Estonia compared to their countries of origin and how to modify their behavior in a suitable way, if necessary, to successfully cope with Estonians.