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Inglise keele õpetajate aineühenduse järgmine õppepäev toimub kolmapäeval, 19.aprillil 2017 algusega kell 15.00 Tallinna Õpetajate Majas (Raekoja plats 14, III korrus).


Lecturer: Tim Pearse
I’ve been in ELT since 1999. I work for National Geographic Learning as the regional representative for Central and Eastern Europe, Switzerland, and parts of Central Asia. I’m passionate about the methodology of how to motivate and inspire students; how we can bring the classroom to life and how we can integrate more than just learning the language into courses. I live in Prague travelling far and wide for work constantly listening to and picking up ideas from teachers in different countries and from different cultures – all of which are invaluable. I enjoy watching good films and TV series, reading, walking and getting the most out of life.

1. What National Geographic Can Do For Your English Language Classroom (45 min)
coffee Break (20 min)
2. The Power of the Image (45 min)
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1. What National Geographic Can Do For Your English Language Classroom (45 min)
We live in highly complex and interconnected societies where we are now able to do things we never thought possible a few years ago. Through trade, communication, the environment, technology, and culture we are connected to each and reliant on each other through all of these things…. Now more than ever it is important to learn and understand the world around us and to be able to communicate effectively across so many cultures and countries, all of which will be covered in this talk. We will at look at four core strategies for increasing motivation in the classroom and beyond, examine change in the learning environment and how we can help students reach their full potential. The talk draws on resources from the National Geographic Learning primary series, Our World.
coffee Break (20 min)
2. The Power of the Image (45 min)
Visual literacy is now recognised as a key 21st century skill. We live in a world where images are used more than ever to reinforce, and at times replace, the spoken and written word. To present discourse without them is both unrealistic and unhelpful. Our memories work in pictures, our experiences are stored using them. The use of powerful images can help students to remember language more easily. This talk examines how we can use photography to reinforce learning and offers some practical examples of teaching activities using photos from the National Geographic archive and its very successful se