Estonian national costume and patterns

Every nation has got certain colors and ornaments that make up the visual language of its people.

Even though the territory of Estonia is small, the regional specifics are noticeable. As different regions have been spoken different dialects, regional peculiarities reflect the taste of people and also give information about the wearer's. So we can get information about his or her origin and marital status. Understanding and interpreting the meaning of colors and patterns opens up a new perspective to learn on Estonian culture and history.

During the course, knowledge and a systematic overview of the regional peculiarities of colors and patterns in Estonia will be obtained. Conversations and worksheets help to acquire knowledge and learn something new. A systematic review facilitates orientation in the vast diversity of Estonian national costumes.

This is not an ethnographic or a craft course!
The course takes place within the framework of the 100th celebration of Estonia.

On 14th April: Intercultural Communication in Estonia/

Course details

Tallinn Teacher's House, Raekoja plats 14
From March 21st to April 11th on Wednesdays from 10:30 to 12:00.
90 min classes per week, 4-week course.
Silver Pramann
74 € including VAT
Group size:
10-12 people
Project manager:
Jan Leo Grau +372506 5354

Course topics

Lesson 1: Introduction - Parts and details of Estonian national costumes, regional peculiarities. Regional peculiarities of South-Eastern Estonia's national costumes.

Lesson 2: Parts of men's and women's clothing. Regional peculiarities of Southern Estonian national costumes.

Lesson 3: Sources and influencers of inspirational patterns of folk costumes. Regional peculiarities of North Estonian national costumes.

Lesson 4: National costumes and patterns in modern times. Regional characteristics of the Island national costumes.