Estonian language course for beginners

A 24-hour Estonian language course for beginners (A1.1 level) based on English is suitable for adult learners who have not studied Estonian before.

In the lessons we use active learning techniques that involve the learner. There will be a lot of games and exercises in pairs and groups. We will prepare you for primary level conversation in Estonian.

We will open the group if the are more than 10 people interested. Classes will take place once per week, during 12 weeks in our center in the Old Town, Raekoja plats 14.

The lessons shedule will be arranged once the group is formed and the participants' preferences regarding the weekday and time will be taken into consideration.


Course details

Tallinn Teacher's House, Raekoja plats 14
By arrangement
120 min classes per week, 12-week course.
290 € including VAT
Group size:
10-12 people
Project manager:
Kadri Kuurberg 

Course topics

Lesson 1. Polite expressions, getting acquainted, introducing oneself. You will learn to use the most common polite expressions and how to introduce yourself.

Lesson 2. Numbers and time. You will learn the numerals in Estonian and to ask and tell the time.

Lesson 3. States, nationalities, languages. You will learn the names of states, languages and nationalities in Estonian and how to say where you are from and what languages do you speak.

Lesson 4. Places in town. You will learn the names of some places in the city and how to ask the way to somewhere and understand the explanation.

Lesson 5. Food and drinks, eating habits. You will learn the names of food and drinks and how to tell what you like and don’t like;

Lesson 6. Invitations, visits. You will learn to make an invitation and react to an invitation. We will also practice how to give and receive presents.

Lesson 7. Conversations in a café. You will practice ordering food and beverages in a dining place.

Lesson 8. Friends and family. You will learn to tell about your family or other people important to you.

Lesson 9. Daily routine. You will learn to describe your usual day and tell what you like and don´t like to do.

Lesson 10. Weather and clothes. You will learn how to describe the weather and name of clothes you need to feel comfortable in Estonian weather conditions.

Lesson 11. Health issues. You will learn the main body parts and how to describe how you feel.

Lesson 12. Holidays. You will get to know the main Estonian holidays and expressions to be used in life events.